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Dermal fillers such as Voluma®, Volbella, Vollure, Juvederm Ultra and Ultra Plus are used to restore lost facial volume that time has gradually taken away

Dermal Filler and Age related changes

Complexities of facial aging are more than just loose, sagging skin, wrinkles and folds that require tightening. Volume loss in the face is a complex component of facial aging. The body natural slows production of the primary building blocks (collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid) that give us that youthful looking skin.

Hyaluronic acid is a component made by the body naturally. Hyaluronic acid is responsible for transporting vital nutrients to your skin, increasing moisture levels, and maintaining the strength and elasticity of skin. As we age, the reduced production causes us to lose structure and volume.

Age is not the only reason for changes we see happening to our face. Sun exposure, smoking, poor diet, drug use, illness and weight loss can contribute to the breakdown of these youthful building blocks. These changes overtime can lead to hollowed cheeks, sunken in under eyes, nasolabial folds, fine lines to mouth area as well as a sagging jowl line. The juvaderm collection of Dermal fillers can help to soften, restore some of these changes.

Juvederm Family of fillers

The Juvederm family of products made by Allergan, a leader in the world of aesthetic injectables, are FDA-approved family of dermal fillers are highly regarded as the best most safest on the market today. Used to smooth out lines in our face and restore the youthful volume that can diminish over time.

The Juvederm collection of fillers can be used to refresh and revitalize your appearance. Two main ingredients found in Juvederm products are hyaluronic acid and lidocaine. Hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally produced by your body. It is a type of sugar that can hydrate the skin since it holds water, and it creates a kind of natural cushion that pumps up volume wherever it is injected. Lidocaine, the second ingredient, is a mild local anesthetic. This helps reduce discomfort when the gel is injected into the skin.
Each one of the Juvederm fillers is unique in its viscosity (thickness and consistency), therefore perfect to meet a variety of different aesthetic needs. Patients will see their results right away, and enjoy a rejuvenated appearance for up to a full year.

The ideal candidate for Juvederm products is anyone over the age of 21 who would like to reverse the signs of aging, address mild to moderate tissue loss and who would like to improve the appearance of the changes of the face. As long as you are healthy and have no medical contraindications to treatment, then you are likely a good candidate for treatment.

At Facial Aesthetics By Andrea safe, natural-looking facial rejuvenation is our primary goal. We want you to look like you, just a younger, more rejuvenated, rested and refreshed version of you.

Frequently asked Questions about Dermal Fillers

Yes! All of our Juvederm products are safe and FDA-approved in adults aged 21 and older. We use only products with proven safety record. Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a substance which occurs naturally in the cells of the skin, thus there is no risk of allergic reactions. Even people with food sensitivities can receive these fillers safely. The brands of dermal fillers we use are available in more than 90 countries and have been used as an injectable cosmetic treatment for more than two decades with an excellent safety record.

Depending on the type of Juvaderm product used for your treatment and whether you used the recommended amount, dermal fillers can last anywhere from 12 months to 24 months. Some patients prefer to seek treatment sooner than the stated duration of fillers to maintain the look they would like. You and your practitioner can discuss a plan to ensure you get and keep the best results possible.

Dermal fillers give you instant results. However given there is potentially some downtime, the results will continue to improve over the next 2 weeks following treatment.

Botox helps to diminished or remove lines and wrinkles caused by muscle movement by slowing down the muscle contractions in the treated areas. Dermal Fillers are a man made substance similar to our bodies own hyaluronic acid. It helps to fill in where we are void of our own natural tissue. When done correctly, dermal fillers should give you a more youthful, rested appearance- you just 2.0!

Side effects of dermal fillers are usually mild and temporary. They can range from redness, bruising, tenderness or swelling. Although exceedingly rare, infection is always a possibility. For maximum safety, fillers should only be injected by a highly qualified trained medical practitioner who has extensive training and experience. The practitioners at Facial Aesthetics By Andrea are experts in their fields and take every precaution for safety necessary.

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