Kybella FAQ

What is Kybella?

Kybella™ is an innovative and prescription medicine used non-surgically to eliminate the double chin, dramatically improving the appearance and self-esteem, in a quick office visit. As the first and only injectable approved to eliminate unsightly submental fullness, the results from Kybella are unprecedented. Kybella™is made from Deoxycholic Acid, a chemical naturally produced by the body, used to help absorb fats. When injected directly into the tissue under the chin, Kybella destroys the walls of fat cells. As this tissue slowly dissolves, and is safely metabolized by the body, and the tissue under the chin bounces back to its sculpted appearance. The Kybella treatment can permanently give you a youthful, contoured chin.

How does Kybella work?

Kybella works by dissolving targeted fat cells. Composed of Deoxycholic Acid, a molecult that occurs naturally in the body, Kybella breaks down the fat, which is then safely absorbed by the body.

Why consider Kybella at Facial Aesthetics By Andrea?

The providers at Facial Aesthetics By Andrea have all been trained in the science behind Kybella. With years of experience providing the safe and effective noninvasive techniques for facial rejuvenation, there is no better practice to place your trust in.

What areas can be treated with Kybella?

Kybella is currently only FDA approved to treat the excess submental fat below the chin. Other popular Areas for Kybella fat removal include:

  • Under chin fullness or “double chin”
  • “Jowls” or fat laxity along the jawline
  • Armpit “pooches”
Who is the ideal candidate for a treatment with Kybella?

The ideal candidate for Kybella will be over 18, in good health, and who holds reasonable expectations for their final results.

Are Kybella injections painful?

Kybella is not considered a painful procedure. However, ice and other topical anesthetics can be used to maximize patient comfort.

How is a Kybella procedure performed?

Once the treatment area and desired goals of have been determined, the treatment area is cleaned and prepped, ice or topical anesthetic will be applied before a quick series of small injections are administered. The average patient receives between 20-30 injections per treatment.

How long does a Kybella treatment take?

Each Kybella treatment appointment will take less than half an hour to preform.

What is the expected downtime after Kybella injections?

There is soreness and swelling right after Kybella injections. Typically this is most prominent in the first 2-3 days and is typically completely resolved in a week or two. Numbness is common in the treated area, this can take up to 3 weeks or longer to resolve. After day 3, swelling is significantly decreased. However it can take up to 8 weeks to see the results from treatment. Over the next month, you may feel (but not see) some lumps and bumps under the skin of the treated area. This is normal and expected. After each treatment there is noted less soreness and swelling, as there are less fat cells to be destroyed.

When can I expect to see results from my Kybella injections?

Kybella’s results are not immediate. There will be some downtime. However, most patients note improvement in their submental fat after just 8 weeks from injection. Depending on desired outcome and the customized treatment plan, patients may wish to receive up to six treatments for maximum benefit.

When can I return to work, after my Kybella injections?

Patients can return to work immediately after receiving Kybella injections. It is advised to plan Kybella treatments around important work or social events to avoid feeling self conscience.

Can I exercise after my kybella injections?

Although there is no physical downtime needed, it is mostly aesthetic downtime. We do recommend taking it easy and avoiding strenuous exercising for 24-48 hours after your procedure. You will have soreness, swelling and possibly some bruising after your Kybella injections. Strenuous exercise in that time frame can cause these symptoms to become worse.

How long will the results from Kybella last?

The fat cells that are destroyed do not reform, making the beautiful results permanent. However, if the patient has significant weight gain after desired goals have been reached, any remaining fat cells can grow in size.

What are the possible risks from Kybella?

While Kybella is considered safe and effective in the treatment of submental fat, there is always the small chance for excess bleeding, difficulty swallowing, and asymmetrical smile to occur. Choosing a trained Kybella provider, specialized in facial injectable procedures, like the providers at Facial Aesthetics by Andrea, is the best way to avoid these complications.

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