Esthetic guidance for some common skin conditions

Esthetic guidance for some common skin conditions

We are all born with healthy skin and over the years as we age our skin can be affected by genetics, medications and influenced by many environmental factors such as the sun, air, and the food that we eat. Healthy skin feels good, looks good, and has a velvety appearance. There are many different types of skin and many different ways to care for those types. Skin types are classified according to the Fitzpatrick scale. This organizes skin types from white to black, and considers the different ways that it can react to the sun. You are put in a specific category to help build your radiant look. Many people seek consultation for a variety of skin disorders. Some common conditions include:

Active Acne – Individuals who seem to have recurrent problems with acne (ten or more active lesions). It can occur anytime from puberty through adulthood. Chronic acne can be caused by genetic predisposition, hormonal imbalances, stress, or any combination of these things. Cosmetics rarely bring on an acute acne condition.

Acne Prone– Individuals with acne prone skin have a history of some acne breakouts. They are usually cased by hormonal imbalances including (P.M.S., pregnancy, menopause, or stress), cosmetic or lifestyle links.

Hypersensitive Skin – Hypersensitivity can be seen at any age. It is often influenced by genetics and environmental changes. It is characterized by inflammation and sensitivity from topical and environmental sources. Individuals who undergo facial plastic surgical procedures including peels are subject to this condition.

Environmentally Damaged- Individuals who have spent a significant amount of time in the sun with no sun protection have environmental damage to their skin. These people often have uneven skin tone and a variety of sun spots. This overexposure causes the skin to loose its elasticity and leaves individuals with a leathery look and more prone to skin cancer.

Hyperpigmented Skin – The sun, oral medications, birth control, and pregnancy can all create hyperpigmentation of the skin. Many ethnic skin types are more susceptible to this condition. It is important for individuals who undergo chemical peels to use sun protection to avoid any further facial dyschromia or sunspots.

Rosacea– This is a chronic form of acne that is caused by……It is seen in adults of all ages and is associated with spider veins (telangiectasia), especially of the nose, forehead, and cheeks. People with this condition usually have sensitive skin.

Prescription products are available from a dermatologist for people that need a higher concentrate of medicine in their product. This helps heal any certain skin condition that the patient is having.

They’re a wide range of different types of peels that skin care clinics do. Lactic, Glycolic, and Salicylic peels have no down time. They are done in the clinic and these peels help to penetrate into the epidermis to help kill the bacteria to build new cell renewal. These acids re-texturize your skin to help give you a healthy glow. You come out of the clinic looking smoother, and more refreshed.

Aestheticians have to go through: 70 hours of Sterilization, Sanitation, and Safety-Bacteriology, Sanitation, Public Safety, Related Theory, 235 hours of Electricity, Chemistry, and Light Therapy-Chemistry Defined, PH Scale, Emulsions, Natural and Organic Cosmetics, Galvanic Current, High Frequency, Ultra Violet Light, Related Theory, 175 hours of Massage, Skin Care and Makeup-Waxing, Effleurage, Facial Procedure, Body Treatments, Shiatzu Massage, Lymph Drainage, Related Theory, Identifying Skin Types, Facials with and without Machines, Aromatherapy, Makeup Application and Selection, 25 hours of Management and Salesmanship-Salon Operations, People Skills, Sales Techniques, 25 hours of Law-State Board Rules and Regulations, 20 hours of Safety-Proper use of products and equipment to receive their State License.

Jamie E. Wade has been practicing Skin Care since 2001, she is a licensed Aesthetician in the states of CO, CA, NH, MA. Jamie graduated from Longs Peak Academy in December 2000. She finished 550 hours of class time, and passed State Boards in January 2001.
Jamie is also certified in a variety of different skin care lines and product peels, and has been in practice for 16 years. She is currently offering the ZO signature Facials as well as the ZO Signature Peels.

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